I am SO excited to announce that my new website is up and running, Finally!

I’m a small town photographer. And Freelance Web, Graphic Designer.

  • Tokyo Born and Raised.
  • Coffee, Cigarette, Movie and Music is source of My power.
    Especially My Cat and THRICE!
  • My Weapon:
    iPhone7 plus
    iPhone6 with MomentLens
    LOMO LC-A with B/W Negative Film
  • My photos is most of the scenery of My Town and My Cat
  • 2014 November, Courtesy of Hoobastank, I got the chance to shoot Their Shows with a Press Badge. (Japan Tour 2014 )
  • 2016 November, Photo Shoot with Douglas Robb (From Hoobastank). (iPhone/People)


Special Thanks to:
+ Yu (Boots Illustrated)
Hoobastank ESP Doug Robb
(Gave me several chances)
+ Alex (Cheered me up)
+ and You
(who words and acts always inspired me)



For inquiries: contact@mathildaboots-records.com
Elsewhere: Instagram, Facebook