New Year’s visit to a Shrine

Date: January 1-2, 2017 Location: Takamatsu Hachiman Jinjya (高松八幡神社 – Nerima, Tokyo) Tool: iPhone6 + Moment Lens(Tele, Wide) Edit: Lightroom and Mextures

Thanks 2016

2016 was a HUGE year for me after lost lots of things. (Workouts, Walking, Enjoyed stylish with so many clothes, Met so many people and cats especially Benji,…

Walking around Shakujii Park

[ Dec.3.2016 ] Shakujii Park (Nerima, Tokyo) iPhone6 (Lens: Moment Lens(Tele, Wide) / Edit: Lightroom or Mextures or VSCOcam)

Shibuya Strolling

Omotesando >> Cat Street >> Streamer Coffee (Latte Time) >> Miyashita Park >> Human Trust Cinema Shibuya (Watched “Inherent Vice”) >> No8 On The Corner (Lunch) >> Miyashita…


I am SO excited to announce that my new website is up and running, Finally! I’m a small town photographer. And Freelance Web, Graphic Designer. Tokyo Born and Raised. Coffee,…